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It's a Marie.

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Re: It's a Marie.

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You've been friended. :D

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Wow! Your layout...just wow! I want to make love to it. Would you let me? *puppy eyes*


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Hehehehe! I actually got it from [ profile] tasha at [ profile] premade_ljs. She's got a ton of awesome layouts there too, you should totally check it out.

And yes. Yes you can. :-P

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Mind if I friend you? And you like Fallen Angel too? *hugs tight*
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Hehehe! Of course I don't mind. :D The more the merrier. :D

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You love DDD and you're a comic geek? Oh wow, it's like I have no choice but to friend you :)

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HAHAHAHA! I'm adding you too! :D

Oh man, that icon makes me all happy/sad.

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:D! Yay!

That icon does the exact same thing to me too. Tora! :(